Skateboarding can be a liberating venture for youth anywhere around the world. It has been used for years as an icebreaker and a technique to break the language barrier.

Vans has decided to take it a step further in their latest endeavor by looking to empower young girls in India through skateboarding. They enlisted Atita Verghese and her program Girls Skate India.

Atita Verghese. Photo: Courtesy of Vans

Along with Vans pro Lizzie Armanto, the duo look to tackle the issue with help from Vans in their own Girls Skate India program.

As Verghese says in the opening of the video, “India I guess, is like a really rough, raw country. But it’s really beautiful. There’s all these really cultural things I really like. But girls have been oppressed here for so many decades now. They’re expected to be girl and do all this girl stuff. So that’s what I really like about skateboarding, that it doesn’t really have those set rules.”

Armanto heads to Banglor, India to help host a skate workshop for girls in India. Being one of the top female skateboarders in the world who has pushed (and continues to push) boundaries for women, her appearance is highly-anticipated by the girls.

Some of the girls in the workshop enjoying what Armanto has to say. Photo: Courtesy of Vans

Lizzie Armanto showing everyone how it’s done. Photo: Courtesy of Vans

The workshops Armanto ran in India helped fix some DIY spots, gives the girls one-on-one tips and shows all the girls that women can do whatever they put their minds to. It is a truly uplifting program that Armanto herself sums up the aim best: “You learn self-confidence through skating. The more girls get into that, the more the world will change.”

Armanto helping out. Photo: Courtesy of Vans

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