A grizzly bear has been captured and killed in Yellowstone National Park after it was determined that the animal had become too aggressive toward humans.

The immature bear had developed a troubling pattern that began in 2015, when it was captured by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and relocated to nearby Caribou-Targhee National Forest.

Grizzly bears that develop a taste for human food usually become problem bears. Photo: Courtesy of LuRay Parker/Wyoming Game and Fish

A year later, the bear destroyed campers' gear near Heart Lake in southern Yellowstone – the same area where biologists last week euthanized the animal.

The National Park Service appeared to have exercised all reasonable options to save the bear – including the use of electronic decoy tents and hazing with bean-bag rounds and rubber bullets – in an attempt to make the animal wary of campsites.

But those attempts failed. Last month, the bear began showing again near Heart Lake, and on Aug. 26 the animal frightened three tourists from their campsite and devoured their food.

The area was closed to the public as park officials set traps, and on Sept. 8 the bear was caught and killed.

Park officials blame the unfortunate situation on the bear having been habituated toward humans – perhaps after it had been given food by campers.

In a news release issued Thursday, Yellowstone stated, "This incident serves as an unfortunate reminder that 'a fed bear is a dead bear.' Allowing bears to obtain human food even once often leads to them becoming aggressive toward people. All of us play a role in keeping both bears and people safe."

The park also offered a link to a bear safety page, which includes tips on how to avoid bears and how to react during bear encounters.

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