A yellow lobster discovered by a commercial lobster fisherman off the coast of Marblehead, Massachusetts, has become the latest addition to a unique collection of colorful crustaceans at the New England Aquarium.

The rare catch came up in one of the lobster pots of fisherman Bill Porter, whose cousin's sister told the Boston Globe he "didn't know quite what to do with it."

The fisherman's cousin did. Chris Porter owns Patriot Lobster, a seafood restaurant in Salem, and he set aside the yellow lobster to donate to the aquarium, which gladly accepted the crustacean to add to its collection. Clearly the New England Aquarium was thrilled.

"To mark this unusual collection of crustacean color, the aquarium assembled the beautiful crustaceans for a photo op," the aquarium wrote in a blog post.

The rainbow of lobsters includes blue, orange and calico-colored ones, and a very odd Halloween-colored lobster that is half orange and half black.

"Yellow lobsters have been estimated to have an incidence of 1 in 30 million in the wild," the aquarium wrote. "This crustacean will not be on exhibit for at least a month as it under goes quarantine, but other oddly colored lobsters can be found at the aquarium hiding in the rocks among the exhibits of the Northern Waters gallery and being displayed during live animal presentations for younger visitors."

The uniquely colored lobsters were displayed for a photo op at the New England Aquarium.

The aquarium hopes to add more uniquely colored lobsters to its collection. It gave the Marblehead lobster fisherman free tickets to the aquarium in exchange for keeping an eye out for colorful sea creatures in the future.

"Now they're all on alert to look for some unique things," Sandie Porter, Chris's sister, told the Boston Globe. "It's really cool. Everyone's kind of looking forward to collecting more things to donate."

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