A filmmaker in Canada was capturing fall colors on an inland lake north of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, when an unexpected scene unfolded before him: a wolf trying to take down a moose.

Dan Nystedt told Jukin Media that he heard some loud splashing across the lake and a few minutes later saw something swimming.

"I knew it was something large and flew [the drone] over to investigate," Nystedt told Jukin. "I arrived upon the moose as it made landfall on the shore. I filmed the moose for about three minutes and decided to not bother it anymore and began to fly back to the camp.

"As I was flying away, I turned the camera to record my retreat when I noticed something rush into the water towards the moose."

It was a wolf.

Nystedt said he was "in awe of what was transpiring."

The moose initially stood its ground, trying to scare the wolf back to shore. When the moose turned around, the wolf charged and the battle was on.

Eventually, the wolf bit into the front right leg in an attempt to bring the moose down as the animals went round and round, kicking up a cloud of dirt in the water. The moose finally broke free and started trotting away from the wolf, which gave chase.

The moose eventually managed to separate from the wolf.

"I made a point not to move the drone too much to avoid being a distraction to either animal," Nystedt said.

But after looking back at the drone, the wolf turned away from the chase, though it appeared to be tiring and might have given up anyway.

"This type of drama is happening in the forest every day," one commenter wrote on the YouTube post. "We are so lucky that the Internet is helping us to see this, while we sit in our chairs and drink a strawberry shake."

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