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Photo of brown bear at Brooks Falls having just caught a jumping salmon with its mouth. Photo by Robert Kroenert/Flickr

 One of the premier brown bear viewing areas in the world is located at Brooks Camp within the Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska. Bears congregate in droves at Brooks Falls to feast on the run of sockeye salmon moving upstream. With a great deal of patience and luck, one could see and possibly photograph a bear standing atop a small waterfall catching a jumping salmon with its mouth (see above photo).

Fortunately, you don't have to travel to Alaska to see such a sight, thanks to the live footage provided with a bear-cam by, situated at Brooks Falls.

Since the park has more than 2,000 brown bears and about 100 feed in the Brooks Falls area, your chances of seeing fishing bears during Alaska’s long daylight hours from July through September are pretty good. Click here to see the bear-cam at work. If the screen only shows a small waterfall and no bears, well, give it some time and try again. Your patience will pay dividends.

This timelapse video gives a pretty good example of how many bears frequent the spot, which offers a safe wooden viewing deck off to the side for tourists:

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Of course, when salmon are jumping the falls, the action really picks up.

On Thursday, posted this on its Facebook page with the photo directly below: "Anyone watch #‎BearCam last night? At one point there were ELEVEN bears fishing."

7 bears facebook page… posted thursday- anyone watch #bearCam last night? At one point there were ELEVEN bears fishing.

Here are some other photos provided by the National Park Service, giving you an idea what you might expect to see:

brooks falls, nps photo

3 bears at falls nps photo

bear clawing salmon on brooks falls…nps photo

cubs playing…nps photo