While Zion National Park has no train, it does have a subway, and the lottery to visit this subway has just opened up for the year. This cylindrical slot canyon is so popular only 80 permits are issued per day, and a lottery reservation system is enacted between March and November to handle peak demand. Getting to this curvy canyon is no small task. The 9.5-mile round trip hike is strenuous and requires technical skill. But if popularity and beautiful images are anything to go by, the journey is well worth it. Take a ride on nature’s subway below.

While the subway itself is only a quarter of a mile long, getting there is a somewhat difficult 9.5-mile hike round trip. Image by Stephanie

Only 80 permits are issued per day and they can be difficult to get during peak times in spring and summer. Image by Terra Trekking

If you want to bring your friends you’ll have to be selective; groups of more than 12 are not allowed.
Image by Terra Trekking

Getting to the subway does require some route-finding and rappelling, so it’s not for the inexperienced. Image by Terra Trekking

Algae thrive in the low light deep in the subway tunnel, causing the vibrant greens seen in these pools. Image by Mike Henderson

The subway is located between two peaks named North and South Guardian Angels.
Image by CCharmon

As swimming is required in some areas, going in the warmer months is advised.
Image by WikiCommons

Heavy snow melts and spring runoff can flood and shut down the subway, so make sure you check the train schedule before heading out. Image by Jeremiah Roth