Two bull moose battle in quiet Alaskan neighborhood. Photo: Screen grab

Two bull moose battle in quiet Alaskan neighborhood.

A scene typically reserved for the Alaskan wilderness instead unfolded on a quiet street in a South Anchorage subdivision when two bull moose fought for superiority as the annual rut cycle got underway.

"Behaviors emerge that have been dormant for the past year as moose engage in rituals related solely to reproduction," the National Park Service stated, according to KTVA in Anchorage. "Their uneventful lives quickly become hectic as bulls compete for breeding rights and cows seek out mating overtures from bulls."

Two bull moose went head to head, locking antlers and pushing each other on a driveway and lawn and into the street in the Goldenview Park subdivision where several people stopped their cars and watched.

Bill Tyra and his son, Josh, were among them.

"My son and I had front-row seats," said Tyra, who captured video of the battle and shared it with KTVA:

Eventually one moose trots off, ending the confrontation, which is about what you'd expect in these showdowns. You can also expect these encounters to occur just about anywhere, not just in the wild.

"They pretty much have no idea where they are, they are so totally focused on each other," Kristine M. Rines, a moose biologist with the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, told National Geographic. "If they happen to meet in a downtown urban setting that’s where the fight is going to take place.

"Typically it’s just a display, but occasionally bulls will lock antlers and push each other around. It’s usually just a short pushing and shoving match. Until one bull decides the other is bigger and stronger and he will trot off."

Which is exactly what occurred in this instance.

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