Tree hotel in Sweden

Treehotel’s Bird’s Nest room only looks like one from the outside; photo via Caters News Agency

The thought of spending your next outdoors vacation in a bird's nest might not sound very appealing, but consider a bird's nest that's large enough to sleep four, with modern architecture and comfortable beds….

… A massive nest deep in the forest and nestled in treetops, with spectacular views of towering pines and a star-filled sky.

Tree hotel in Sweden

Treehotel’s rooms boast incredible forest views; photo via Caters News Agency

Welcome to the Bird’s Nest, one of the most popular rooms at the new and unique Treehotel in Harads, in northern Sweden beyond the Lule River. From the outside the room resembles an actual nest,  a conglomerate of giant twigs. But from inside the room looks almost luxurious.

Treehotel, which opened with five rooms in 2010 and has since expanded, was built by architect Bertil Harstrom. The owners are Kent and Britta Lindvall, who told Caters News Agency this week that the concept of the Bird’s Nest was simply to provide a contrast between the indoors and outdoors.

Tree hotel in Sweden

Treehotel rooms feature portals to nature; photo via Caters News Agency


“The exterior of the Bird’s Nest is nothing but, just that, a giant bird’s nest," Kent Lindvall said. "It provides a camouflage allowing you to quickly disappear and become part of the surroundings.

“The interior however, is familiar and exclusive. A spacious environment in which a family with two children can comfortably spread out. The walls are clad in wood paneling and windows disappear, almost, in the exterior’s network of branches.”

Tree hotel in Sweden

Bird’s Nest room can sleep up to four; photo by Caters News Agency

Other rooms are unique, too, with names such as UFO, Blue Cone, Tree Sauna, and Dragonfly. Treehotel guests dine on Arctic char, salmon, caviar, reindeer, moose, and even bear.

Guests staying in the Bird’s Nest must retreat to their room, after a day of hiking, kayaking or fishing, via a retractable ladder. The windows afford panoramic vistas of the Lule River Valley, and the swift-flowing river.

A marvelous getaway? Perhaps. But prices at Treehotel are something to chirp about. Room rates, including breakfast, start at more than $600 per night.

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