A family traveling the coastline of Australia got a big surprise at a caravan park near Jervis Bay south of Sydney when a kangaroo hopped into its camper and refused to leave.

Justin and Bec Lorrimer had just given their three kids a bath and were preparing for dinner when the uninvited guest arrived, according to BuzzFeed Australia. Amused, Justin started videotaping.

"What are you doing in here, Sally?" he said in the video seen above.

Justin attempted to push it out the door, but it wouldn't budge. Instead the kangaroo hopped down the hall toward the bath.

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Justin then went outside with some apples in an attempt to coax the kangaroo out. That didn't work. He returned inside the camper and fed it a piece of an apple and tossed another piece to the ground outside, pointing at it. Still it wouldn't go.

Finally he pushed the animal out the door and the Lorrimers thought that was the end of it.

But the next day…

"I think the word's got out in the kangaroo community that they can come in and have a bit of dinner," Justin said in the video. "And they're all lining up to get in the door."

At least nine kangaroos, including a joey in the pouch, were lined up for a handout. We can only assume they didn't get one.

“Every day is an adventure,” Bec told news.com.au when detailing their 21,747-mile journey.

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