A kayak fisherman was minding his own business catching mackerel when all of a sudden he found himself in the water, the victim of a hungry seal.

seal eating fish A

A U.K. seal eating a fish. Photo by Callum Hoare/Flickr

The man was fishing off the U.K. coast of Hartlepool on Wednesday night when a seal bumped into his kayak and caused the man to capsize.

It was not by accident, either.

"It appeared that the man had been fishing from his kayak and had caught about 20 mackerel and had them in a net over the side," Mike Craddy, manager of Hartlepool RNLI, a volunteer rescue group, told the Independent.ie. "A seal bumped into the kayak, capsizing it, and grabbed the net and fish for its tea."

The man spent about an hour in the water before an off-duty policeman spotted the man in the sea at 5:25 p.m. Wednesday night, according to the Independent report.

A volunteer crew from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, aka RNLI, responded and plucked the man from the water. He was wearing a wetsuit and was struggling to stay afloat. The man was taken ashore, treated, and released without having to go to the hospital.

As for the seal, it presumably called in family members for a mackerel buffet. Or should we say, a mackerel tea party?


Mackerel from Helford, England. Photo by Wapster/Flickr