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Full disclosure: When this video surfaced at the GrindTV offices, our first reaction was, “Dude, what is that seal running from under the water!?” Turns out, our race to the dramatic was in haste. No spectacle ensued, just a sweet meet and greet between surfers and a curious and somewhat frisky seal. According to The Telegraph, the feel-good footage was captured by Bertrand Chaussade, a local of Lacanau, France, who fondly nicknamed the seal “You.”

surfer and seal

Chaussade and his seal pup friend, “You.” Photo is a screen shot

Chaussade wrote:

“He played with us for the whole morning. He would climb on my board, ask for strokes, and push me over. It was like playing with a little dog; it was a very playful and loving animal. It was a beautiful encounter and a magical moment.”

It would appear that “You” has captured his heart.

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