kayak fisherman

Kayak fisherman Jasper Pons is surprised by jumping sailfish next to his kayak; hat he used to land the fish can be seen in his left hand. Photo is a screen grab from the video

A kayak fisherman in South Africa trying to catch queen mackerel to fill the freezer unexpectedly hooked up to two sailfish at once, and captured on video the dramatic moment one of the fish jumped just inches from his kayak.

The photo above is from the video taken by Jasper Pons, 44, who was kayak fishing with a friend off of Westbrook along the eastern coast of South Africa, where he found himself with his hands full, as detailed by Kayak Fish.

As Pons was fighting the first sailfish, a second sailfish charged and struck his kayak and, moments later, ate the second baitfish Pons had in the water. Suddenly he had two sailfish on separate fishing rods.

kayak fisherman

Kayak fisherman Jasper Pons holds the sailfish he landed with his hat; photo is a screen grab from the video

"I need to pay attention to the second sailfish," he related on the video. "One is going east and one is going south."

That wasn't Pons' only problem. The line with the second sailfish got tangled in the rudder. He put the reel in free spool, allowing line to freely unwind off the reel until his friend Warren came upon the scene to help out.

Warren untangled the line and took the fishing rod from Pons. Soon, the first sailfish was hauling Pons away from his friend, pulling him forwards, backwards, and sideways until he got it close to the boat, where it came out of the water.

Here's the part from the video showing the sailfish jumping close to the kayak; the rest of the video shows him landing the beast, if that interests you. You might want to mute the music:

"My old Penn reel was screaming in agony," Pons told Kayak Fish. "It was a clever sailfish. Pulling hard into the wind, I would battle my kayak round until I was facing upwind, and it would suddenly scream off downwind."

Pons took off his hat to use as a grip to grab the bill of the sailfish once he had the fish close to the kayak. He finally managed to pull the sailfish onto his lap and spread out the majestic sail.

Then he released the fish, as did his friend Warren after he landed the second sailfish.

The entire six-minute video can be seen below. You can see the chaos unfold as Pons battles two sailfish and tries to ensure he's getting everything on video. You can also see at the 18-second mark when the second sailfish strikes the side of his boat.

Not a bad day of fishing, considering the original target was queen mackerel.

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