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Lions typically prefer wildebeests, zebras, buffaloes, and warthogs on their dinner menu in Africa, and they usually hunt in coordinated groups. But every once in a while a lion will discover a tasty morsel it can handle on its own.

Such was the case of this lioness along the Chobe River in Botswana. It didn't need help sneaking up on and snatching a small crocodile. The hardest part was keeping it away from two other hungry lions. Clearly this lioness did not want to share, as this rare video by safari tourist Tanya M. reveals. Watch:

As you can see, the lioness slowly snuck up on the crocodile, until the croc noticed it was in danger and high-tailed it toward the safety of the water.

Unfortunately for the crocodile, it wasn't fast enough, and the lioness emerged from the cloud of dust with its prey.

Unfortunately for the lioness, it probably ended up having to share its meal.

Unfortunately for us, we are left to ponder with our imagination how it really turned out, as the last we see of the lions is them running off into the field.

Incidentally, the Kruger National Park’s Latest Sightings Facebook page called it one of the rarest videos it’s shared.

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