Something known to happen frequently in the wild but is rarely witnessed, let alone captured on video, occurred in the Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa recently. A mother lion was walking along a road with her cubs when she spotted a male lion in the distance. Believing the male was a threat, the lioness ran toward to the male and attacked, delivering a very specific message: "Don't be messing with me and my cubs." Amazingly, it all unfolded in front of tourists on safari, and it was caught on video by a park ranger, who posted it to LiveLeak on Thursday:

No lions were injured in the making of this video, incidentally. The two lions tussled a bit before the male sauntered off. But to reinforce the message she just delivered, the mother lion walked back toward the male and gave one more roar before returning to her little ones.

Kylie Haslam, a Kruger National Park guide, witnessed the ordeal, and added the fact there were two cubs, though you never see the second one in the video. This is her account, from LiveLeak:

"We rounded a corner and saw mom walking with the one cub in her mouth; very quickly I noticed something was up as she was very nervous and kept running back to check on her other cub.

"Eventually we saw the young male watching her. She continued trying to move them but being naughty kids they were not cooperating. The male kept watching her every move and she kept watching him as he tried to move closer. She then had enough and smacked him silly next to the vehicle and started running back to her cubs, but halfway there she decided he didn’t get the message so she turned back.

"The male then crept under my car and she came and smacked him a couple more times, shaking my car like it was jelly, and then ran to her babies. The male then slinked off in the opposite direction and mom managed to get the babies to a safe place. They are still alive and thriving (they are the ones seen on the north part of the H3 regularly). It was such an amazingly special thing to witness, the raw aggression and unbelievable love the mother had at the same time."

A once in a lifetime adventure, no doubt.

Kruger National Park

Lioness in Kruger National Park turns back toward a male lion to deliver a second message; photo from Kruger National Park is a screen grab from the video

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