Residents of the small German town of Heide were warned by police Friday morning not to go into the town center or not to leave their homes at all after it was reported at 9 a.m. that two wild boars were on a terrorizing rampage.

"From what we know so far, the animals have run through the streets and into a bank and have already attacked and injured several people," the first police report stated, according to The Local Germany.

Four people were injured; one man's fingertip was torn off and the others sustained leg injuries when the charging boars ran into them, The Telegraph reported. Several cars were also damaged.

One woman was injured when a boar entered an optician's shop. Surveillance video captured its entrance:

The same boar eventually entered the bank and began attacking. People were forced to evacuate through upper-story windows with the help of ladders from emergency services, according to Deutsche Welle.

Hunters were called in to neutralize the aggressive boars. A police vehicle was parked to block the bank's entrance. When the boar attempted to squeeze under the car, a hunter was ready for it, shooting and killing it.

"The first shot was enough," town mayor Ulf Stecher, a witness, told The Local. "That was an extremely unusual situation. I never thought we would see such a thing here."

More from The Telegraph:

One eyewitness saw a woman lying on the ground, screaming, after her trousers had been torn, according to German radio station NDR 1 Welle Nord. Another said they were “completely bewildered” and that the boars had come “out of nowhere.”

After a large-scale operation, during which police and hunters chased the boar with stun rifles, one was killed by huntsman Uwe Ingwersen at 11 a.m.—two hours after the animals were first spotted—with a targeted head shot.

The second boar was reported to have left town and made its way back into the forest.

Wild boars are viewed as a menace in Germany. They have spread extensively through the state of Schleswig-Holstein. When trapped between walls and among people, boars become very aggressive, Marcus Börner, press officer at the Country Hunting Association, told a Schleswig-Holstein newspaper.

In January, a herd of wild boars attacked several people near Berlin's Tegel airport. It took 18 shots to bring down a 440-pound boar while the rest of the herd fled.

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