The sound of breaking glass prompted the owners of the Aspen Café in St. John, Indiana, to check out what had happened when suddenly they were face to face with a rampaging deer that had broken in.

A surveillance camera captured video of the shocking intrusion that sent Bessie and Gus Karalis, the diner's owners, scrambling to get out of the deer's way near the cash register.

The deer had crashed through a side window in the back of the restaurant, knocking down a table and chairs before proceeding to the front of the diner.

"It crossed [U.S.] 41 and jumped straight through the window," Nickita Karalis, the Karalises son, told The Northwest Indiana Times.

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After making its way by the register and the Karalises, the deer raced past two stunned customers in a booth, jumped over a table and crashed through another window to make its escape.

The incident occurred around 7 a.m. Monday morning about an hour after opening and there weren't many diners at the time, otherwise it could have been far worse.

A similar incident occurred recently in North Carolina and it was suggested the deer, a doe, was likely fleeing a buck, since it is rutting season.

Nickita had another theory: "It must have smelled some good food, I'm assuming."

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