A bobcat brazenly came through the front door of a house in North Port, Florida, and attacked the family dog, and eventually attacked a wildlife officer who attempted to catch the animal.

Karen Morse and her 13-year-old grandson Robert were preparing to take the dog Sammy for a walk when the first attack occurred, according to WTSP.

"All of a sudden I heard a terrible, awful noise," Morse told WTSP. "I came running out. The bobcat was right here on the dog. I screamed at my grandson, 'Pick Sammy up, pick Sammy up.'"

The bobcat had grabbed the dog by the neck, leaving five puncture wounds and scratches on the teen's leg before jumping on a dining room chair and being herded into the sunroom where it became trapped.

Wildlife officers from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission were called to the scene. One officer entered the sunroom with a snare pole in an attempt to catch the bobcat.

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Morse's son captured what occurred next in the dramatic video above.

The bobcat leaped up onto the officer who eventually cornered it and managed to eventually snare it and take it away.

"To be honest with you I didn't know it was a bobcat," Morse told FOX 13. "I just thought it was a really, really big domestic cat."

The bobcat later tested positive for rabies.

Morse and her son's family, six all told, are getting shots for rabies, as is the wildlife officer who suffered scratches on his arm.

This was one of two bobcat attacks within a four-mile radius in a couple weeks, prompting the health department to issue a rabies alert for North Port and Venice in Sarasota County, WWSB reported.