A Vermont man has been arrested in a poaching case that has gained notoriety throughout Vermont because of the cruel nature of the alleged crimes.

Gerin Fortin, 20, was charged Sunday with six violations pertaining to the killing of Vermont wildlife. The Irasburg resident is alleged to have illegally shot a female moose from his pickup truck in Westmore on Sept. 23. This occurred out of hunting season, and Fortin did not have a hunting permit.

In a news release published Monday by the Adirondack Explorer, the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department states that a witness saw Fortin strike the moose with his truck after shooting the animal.

Afterward, "Fortin allegedly chained the moose up to his truck and dragged it more than 11 miles to the town of Orleans, where it was left to rot," the news release states.

The moose was lactating when it was killed, so it probably had a calf nearby. Photo (generic): Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

It's believed that the moose had a calf nearby, because she had been lactating when she was killed.

According to officials, Fortin's pickup truck, rifle, ammunition, and truck chains were seized as evidence.

The suspect is scheduled to appear in Superior Court in Orleans on Dec. 26. He faces up to one year in jail and fines totaling $8,000.

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