An employee at a high school in Canada arrived at work believing she had struck and killed a great horned owl on the highway. In the school parking lot, she noticed it was in the front grille of her SUV.

But a funny thing happened when she returned to her vehicle a few hours later, according the Calgary Herald.

The owl was very much alive.

The British Columbia Fish and Wildlife was called and officer Lorne Rinkel arrived on the scene at the high school near Camrose, southeast of Edmonton, Alberta.

Students rolled the vehicle with the owl into an auto shop bay and the shop teacher, with the car owner's blessing, cut away part of the grille to help free the owl.

Wearing heavy leather welding gloves, Rinkel lifted the owl out of its predicament and into a box where it was kept for 10 hours in an attempt to warm the owl. Miraculously the owl came through the ordeal mostly unscathed.

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"It had a small amount of blood on one of its legs, but the legs and wings were fine," Rinkel told the Herald. "There were a lot of happy students taking videos and pictures, almost cheering, you might say."

They really had reason to cheer later that night when Rinkel opened the box in a rural area and the owl flew away, no worse for wear.

"It was almost like a fairy tale, it's quite amazing that it survived the impact," Rinkel said. "I've seen, unfortunately, lots of dead birds of prey in front grilles, but I've never seen one survive."

As the Calgary Herald said, “Owl’s well that ends well.”