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Orcas chase a sea lion close to the boat off Prince Rupert, British Columbia; screen grab from video

Travis Twizell drove his family eight hours from Prince George to Prince Rupert, British Columbia, in hopes of taking the kids on a whale-watching excursion. When they got there, they couldn't find a boat to take them out. "It's not whale-watching season," he was told. "You won't see anything," charter-boat operators said. "I even phoned a [boat] taxi service to see if they could just take us around the harbor," Twizell told GrindTV Outdoor. "Then I found one gentleman [who said] 'Yeah, I'll take you out.'" But he, too, wasn't confident they'd see any whales. Then they saw this (warning for mild expletive):

A boat from PR Fishing Charters took the Twizell family out Wednesday to search for whales—or any marine life, for that matter—when they encountered a disturbance in the water. Not realizing what was happening, they stopped the boat. Soon they discovered sea lions hiding under and around the boat, and orcas circling nearby.

"It was a pretty neat thing," Twizell told GrindTV Outdoor. "That video was only two minutes. We were probably there for an hour.

"[The sea lions] were sitting right there, they were watching, just hiding by us… We started moving a bit and the whales went nuts."

Rarely do whale-watching trips end up like this one, especially whale-watching excursions that are out of season.

“This was very rare to see happening,” Mel Kuemper of PR Fishing Charters told GrindTV Outdoor in an email. “This was only the second time that I have seen [it]. We were in the right spot at the right time.”

Added Twizell, referring to the skipper, "He didn't think we'd see anything. He just hoped we'd see something for the kids."

And they wound up seeing something they'll never forget.

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Orca chases sea lion close to the boat, creating a wave of water; screen grab from video


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