A woman getting her first glimpse of an orca in person was treated to a close-up-and-personal visit from one of the orcas from a nearby pod in the Bayswater Marina in Auckland, New Zealand.

About six orcas were swimming near shore Tuesday when one of them, possibly chasing a stingray, made its way to a nearby dock.

Shelly Nixy and her friend ran to the dock to get a closer view and capture video, as seen at the top on Nixy’s Facebook page. She could hardly contain her excitement, as reported by TVNZ and Newshub New Zealand.

"Excuse my screaming," Nixy wrote on Facebook. "But look at this beautiful thing … I was so excited. We were running everywhere trying to see them."

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She also said she wanted to touch it, and she was actually close enough to do so.

"He was putting on a good show," she said.

Nearby, other tourists enjoyed their own close encounter when a pair of orcas swam just feet from shore.

"I've never seen a killer whale," one young bystander is reported to have said.

Jono Billington captured video, which was shared by TVNZ:

The night before, at least four orcas were spotted north of Bayswater Marina swimming close to shore just off St. Leonards Bay, Takapuna, The Shore Times reported. They were likely from the same pod.

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