Octopus hides in a cockleshell on a Cambodian beach. Photo is a screen grab from the video

Octopus hides in a cockleshell on a Cambodian beach.

A beachgoer in Cambodia came across a cockleshell on the sand and decided to force it open. Unlike the classic "snake in a can" gag where a spring-loaded "snake" leaps out to surprise the person opening the can, this man knew what was inside.

In this case, the snake was an octopus—and it still managed to surprise the person with the camera:

Octopuses don't have any bones or hard shells, so they can squeeze through the tiniest of openings in rocks and fit into the smallest of spaces, as the video shows.

The encounter occurred at Prek Treng Beach at Sihaknuk Vill, Cambodia. Viral Hog told GrindTV that the filmmaker asked to remain anonymous.

The octopus, on the other hand, had no choice regarding its anonymity.

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