Rodney Buffett found himself fighting for this life after the moose he had shot twice sprang to life and launched a surprise attack near the Grand Bank on the south coast of Newfoundland.

Buffett was hunting with his fiancée when he took two shots at a 14-point bull moose with both hitting their target, according to CBC News.

The experienced hunter approached and began preparing to dress the animal.

"I thought he was dead," Buffett told the St. John's Morning Show, CBC reported. "I laid my gun down and turned back to my fiancée and told her to bring down my knives. When I turned around again, he was up."

The moose lunged at Buffett with its antlers and flipped him into the air. He landed on the ground where the moose began stomping on him.

"I held on to his antlers and tried to steer him away," Buffett said, according to CBC. "But it seemed like forever."

His fiancée, watching through binoculars from a hill above him, was helpless to do anything.

Buffett then managed to kick the moose in the head, and it finally abandoned the fight and fled the scene.

"I couldn't move after that," he said.

More from CBC News:

Paramedics made a three-kilometer trek through the bush to find Buffett. They called for help and a medevac helicopter came from St. John’s to airlift him to hospital.

Buffett received stitches and staples to his head, hands and chest but was otherwise healthy. He was held in hospital for extensive testing over the weekend, but said he did not suffer a concussion or internal injuries.

“They tells me I’m hard-headed,” he joked.

"I've got hoof prints in my forehead," Buffett added.

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