A mischievous lioness named Shani sneaks up on unsuspecting Shungu

A mischievous lioness named Shani sneaks up on an unsuspecting lion named Shungu.

An unsuspecting lion — the king of the jungle — was reduced to “scaredy-cat” status by a mischievous lioness recently at the Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary in Zimbabwe.

Shungu was relaxing in his enclosure, minding his own business as he checked out a lizard climbing on a fence in front of him, when Shani the prankster used her stealthy skills to sneak up on her friend, inching closer ever so slowly.

The hilarious outcome is not something Shungu would probably want to share, but Caters News did anyway:

Shungu nearly jumped out of his skin when touched from behind by Shani, and he was quick to roar his displeasure.

“Shani never misses an opportunity for mischief,” Sarah Carter, founder of the sanctuary, told Caters News. “This is something she does all the time.

“Darling Shungu is a dreamer. He likes to watch birds, butterflies, airplanes, sunlight reflecting on the water. This time he was completely transfixed by a little lizard on the fence in front of him.”

Knowing Shani is always up to something and is extremely playful, Carter figured —correctly —she’d pull another fast one on Shungu.

“I knew from the first moment how it would play out — irrepressible Shani would see an opportunity to sneak up on the oblivious Shungu and would triumphantly spring up on him,” Carter told Caters News.

“I knew we’d then see Shungu’s somewhat embarrassed and irritable reaction before he suddenly remembers he is a lion and needs to show her who’s the boss.”

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