A man in Colorado was shocked when reviewing security camera footage that showed five mountain lions crossing his property early last Thursday morning, according to KRDO in Colorado Springs.

Gary Kyte, who lives in Beulah, about 70 miles south of Colorado Springs, is used to seeing wild animals show up on his security video but never that amount of mountain lions at once.

"I'm guessing it was a mother and she came back through probably with four of her babies," Kyte told KRDO.

"We see mountain lions and bears and stuff like that fairly regularly, maybe three or four times a year. It's not unusual to see a lion, but it is unusual to see a lion with four cubs."

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Mountain lions are solitary animals with only mothers and their cubs living in groups until they are old enough to fend for themselves. According to the Mountain Lion Foundation, young cougars will remain with their mother for 12 to 18 months, giving them time to hone their hunting skills and develop their killing bite.

"Wow. Mom raised four cubs last year!" one commenter wrote on the KRDO Facebook page. "What a champ she is!"