Canadian lobster fisherman Karissa Lindstrand was processing her day's catch off Grand Manan in New Brunswick last week when a lobster with an odd-looking "tattoo" on its claw caught her eye.

It's something she had never seen before.

Since Lindstrand is a huge consumer of Pepsi she recognized the partial blue and red logo right off as that from a Pepsi carton.

"It's the first time I have seen garbage imprinted on an animal," Lindstrand told CBC News.

"I can't say how he got it on [his claw]. It seemed more like a tattoo or a drawing on the lobster rather than something growing into it."

Lindstrand showed the lobster to her crew and talked about it with others, including a Pepsi deliveryman. All had various theories on how it got there.

"They believe that maybe there was a can in the bottom of the ocean and when [the lobster] was growing, it grew around the can," Lindstrand told CBC News.

But it's clearly not from a can but a carton. So, others believe a Pepsi box stuck on the lobster while it was growing and rubbed off.

Whatever the case, it clearly points to a serious issue.

"This tells me there is a lot of garbage in the ocean, if that's what's happening to the lobsters we get out from the water," Lindstrand told CBC News.

Matthew Abbott, marine program coordinator at the Conservation Council of New Brunswick, found the discovery disturbing.

“This is really a unique instance,” Abbott told CBC News. “I haven’t seen something like it before, of such a clear imprint of a can on a marine animal.

“Where [the lobster] was living, there was garbage infiltrating even into the deep water." Abbott added that garbage "is really widespread, just about anywhere."

As for what happened to the lobster with the Pepsi tattoo, it was put in a crate with other lobsters and sold.

"It is probably in Boston," she told CBC News. "It probably already crossed the border."

h/t Global News 

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