There's a reason he's called the King of the Jungle.

There’s a reason he’s called the King of the Jungle. Generic photo of a lion in Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania. Photo: Joachim Huber/Wikimedia Commons

A pride of lions feeding on a buffalo failed to protect its dinner from a pack of hungry hyenas and jackals in Tanzania, but the king of the jungle quickly restored order.

In the Ngorongoro Crater, said to feature one of the densest populations of lions, a group of safari tourists observed the amazing encounter from afar but managed to capture the remarkable wildlife footage.

The 100100 Channel, which posts wildlife videos from its African safari clients, called it a "Jungle battle between lions and hyenas and the king."

In the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, the pride of lions was feasting on a downed buffalo while also trying to discourage hyenas and jackals from getting in on the kill.

Eventually, the hyenas and jackals overwhelmed the lions and begin devouring the prey, some jumping onto each other to get to the meat.

A pride of lions failed to keep hyenas and jackals at bay, but the King of the Jungle didn't.

A pride of lions trying to keep hyenas and jackals at bay. It eventually failed, but the King of the Jungle didn’t.

"Look, here comes the big boy!" one tourist said.

The king of the jungle had gotten a whiff of what was transpiring and came running toward the scrum, in no mood to mess around. The hyenas and jackals scattered in a hurry, though one was temporarily detained by the lion.

"That was awesome!" one tourist exclaimed. All the safari tourists were pretty excited having seen one of the more interesting and dramatic encounters involving the king of the jungle.

"Oh it's good to be the king," one tourist said.

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