Lions might be kings of the jungle, but hippos are kings of the water, as evidenced by the scene at the Pilanesberg Game Reserve in South Africa.

A family of lions was minding its own business lounging on the shoreline of Mankwe Dam, the biggest body of water in the Pilanesberg National Park, when an angry hippo rudely interrupted.

A tourist on safari captured video of the encounter and shared it with Kruger National Park:

Two cute cubs are seen scampering toward their parents. The male lion was standing tall keeping an eye on the hippo, which made a couple of charges in the water.

The lions didn't react at first. But after a couple more charges in which the hippo came to the edge of the water, the lions thought better of it and moved on, much to the delight of the hippo, not to mention the tourists.

"That's awesome," one tourist can be heard saying in the video. "That's something you don't see every day."

Kruger National Park called it a "fantastic sighting" and explained the hippo's behavior:

"In times of drought, hippos can become quite stressed and as a result becomes more aggressive. Hippos often leave the safety of the water when food is scarce and they then feed far from the relative safety of the water. They will attack anything standing in their way to the safety of the water, which is either a river or a dam."

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