A lion at the Indianapolis Zoo no doubt saw a meal in the form of a black Lab service dog and attempted to sneak up on it and attack.

Fortunately for Jetson the dog, the lion was foiled by a thick pane of glass that stood in its way. The humorous encounter from Aug. 28 was caught on video:

"My service dog, Jetson, was a magnet to the lion cubs," the dog's owner said, according to the Daily Mail.

"One of them immediately ran over and smashed his head into the glass. The zookeeper said that they run into the glass all the time. We had a whole crowd around Jetson and the lions."

One of the dog's owners was very impressed with Jetson, who remained calm and essentially stood his ground, even when the second lion tried taking a swipe at him.

"Jetson, you're awesome," one of the dog's owners said in the video.

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