Mother elephant struggles to rescue her calf from a watering hole.

Sometimes, a baby elephant needs a helping hand, and thankfully mom and the herd are always nearby.

The accompanying footage shows a calf struggling mightily to climb out of a watering hole in South Africa's Kruger National Park, and mom trying but having trouble helping the little one escape its plight.

The bank is only a few feet high, but that's a cliff for a tiny elephant still learning how to deal with its bulk; it just cannot muster the strength to push itself up and over the ledge.

But adult elephants are intelligent and know how to solve issues such as these.

Mom keeps trying but ultimately receives help from a more experienced member of the herd, leaving the rescue to be completed as a team effort.

The footage is being widely shared on the Wild Wings Safaris Facebook page – nearly 15,000 shares at the time of this post – and generating feedback that's almost as touching as the footage.

A random sampling of the comments:

• "Leave it to the smart old women to solve the problem!"

• "I feel like the mother was trying to allow he baby to figure it out on its own, but the other elephant was impatient. Elephants are stinking adorable! And they stand on their tippy toes!"

• "I wish humans would look after their kids so well. Why oh why do we treat animals so badly?"

• "Maybe it's the mom in me, but watching it just stressed me out even though I new he was gonna get out."

• Aren't animals awesome? We need to realize they have feelings like us."

Many of the sentiments are in reference to the poaching of elephants for their ivory, a serious problem in South Africa and even inside Kruger National Park.

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