Lions “just keep coming” out of the bush next to the road.

How many lions can hide in a bush?

Tourists in South Africa's Kruger National Park were delighted to see a single lion wander out of a dense thicket toward the road they were parked on, and astonished to see more lions materializing, one after the other, in an amusing scene captured on video.

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"Look at ’em all. They just keep coming," says a person in one of the vehicles, at about the 1:45 mark.

Kruger National Park said the "rare sighting" was videotaped November 4 by Chris Dale.

Dale explained that his group had been following the lions earlier, walking alongside the road near a river, but when the lions disappeared into the bush, the group drove ahead to a clearing and waited with other tourists in cars for the pride to reappear, "and the video is the result of that."

Dale's video title video begins, "Lions keep ‘popping’ out of the bush next to the road …"

Reads one comment on the Kruger National Park Facebook page: "Must be a lion-making machine behind the bush."

Just how many lions appear in the video? We counted 11.

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