While traversing across Lake Aleknagik, Dave Roseman spotted something in the water directly in the boat's path, something he had never seen before in his 21 years working in the wilds of Alaska.

"Initially I assumed it was a flock of ducks or maybe a moose, so I couldn't believe it when I realized it was two bear cubs on their mom's back," Roseman told Caters News of the Father's Day encounter.

"I grabbed my phone and started snapping as many photos as I could while trying to maneuver the boat so as to not get in her way but still get a good shot."

He also captured the adorable sight on video, which was released by Caters on Thursday:

The grizzly bear mother showed a power stroke as she swam across the lake with her baggage holding tight to her neck.

Once she hit the shore, her passengers fell to the ground and followed her into the woods located in Wood -ikchik State Park.

The grizzly bear mother scrambled to shore, where her passengers fell off and followed her into the woods.

Roseman, general manager of GCI Agulowak Retreat lodge, was guiding some sponsors on a king salmon fishing trip when the incident occurred, according to Game and Fish, which was represented on the trip.

"My heart was beating like crazy because I knew I was seeing something really special," Roseman, 48, told Caters News. "I'm still wondering how she was able to communicate to her cubs that, 'It's time to load up on my back and go for a swim.'"

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