Great white shark exposes its ‘awesomeness’ to videographer; videos

“That’s one serious grill on this shark!”

Anthony Kobrowisky, a professional videographer, specializes in capturing footage of great white sharks, particularly when their jaws open wide.

It helps that his company, Sea Candy Media, is based in the great white shark capital of the world--South Africa--where he has easy access to cage diving off the coast of Gansbaai.

The latest video Kobrowisky shared shows a great white shark exposing its rows of sharp, serrated teeth in all its “awesomeness”:

"Who needs a steak knife when you got a row of serrated white shark teeth!" Kobrowisky wrote on Facebook. "That's one serious grill on this shark!"

Many people fear great white sharks, but most attacks on humans are not fatal as they are "sample biting" then releasing their victims, according to National Geographic, as reported by the Daily Mail.

“This video is not to show any negative aspects of white sharks but rather to show the pure awesomeness of this amazing apex predator, and no one was in danger when filming this video,” Kobrowisky explained to Newsflare.

“White sharks are in serious danger of becoming extinct. Scientists reckon that there are as little as 350 white sharks left on the South African coastline. This is due to shark nets, drum lines, illegal fishing and most importantly fins for the Asian delicacy, shark fin soup.”

Kobrowisky, obvious in his conservation message, has posted many videos of great white sharks on his Sea Candy Media Facebook page. Here's another that shows the "awesomeness" of a great white shark:

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