Gansbaai in the Western Cape of South Africa is known as the great white shark capital of the world because of its dense population of the apex predator, no doubt drawn to the area by a huge Cape fur seal colony.

The seals, about 60,000 of them, congregate on Geyser Rock about 17 miles west of the Gansbaai coastline. Between Geyser Rock and Dyer Island lies an area known as Shark Alley where great white sharks feed on seals.

If you see footage of a great white shark soaring into the air attacking a dummy seal, chances are it's from this area.

Not surprisingly, the area is also famous for cage diving with great white sharks, which has become a huge tourist attraction rivaling Kruger National Park. This is one reason why:

The unidentified filmmaker, who shot the video on April 3 and licensed and posted it with ViralHog a few days ago, was on a cage-diving expedition when he caught the great white shark breaching.

"I was shooting a film for customer's cage diving with great white sharks [sic] and had this large great white breach in front of the cage, in front of my lens," the filmmaker wrote.

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It splashes down in the water with its mouth wide open. It might have been attempting to pounce on a bait that had been pulled away by tour operators.

A Gansbaai tourism website wrote that great white sharks can be viewed well from the deck of the boat and "arguably the best photographs and videos are from this vantage point."

This video helps prove that point.