A family driving down a highway near Radium Hot Springs in British Columbia came upon a gray wolf alongside the road, and it exhibited odd behavior once the vehicle passed by.

The gray wolf began chasing the van, and it seemed intent on catching it:

The woman who shot the video last month and published it with ViralHog on Monday told the video outlet she was traveling with her family, dad and in-laws when her husband alerted them to the gray wolf.

"Because I am always fascinated with nature and wild animals we meet along our trips, I got my phone and started recording," the woman wrote in the video description. "I was sitting at the very back of the van when I saw him running beside the road, and when I turned to look at the back, that is when I noticed him chasing after the car.

"He was running so fast, and he had his eyes only on us because there were other cars on the opposite direction. He chased us for a good couple of kilometers."

The gray wolf never did give up the chase, but the family was pressed for time, so it continued on, leaving the gray wolf behind.

"If only we had the time we would’ve tried to see how far he will follow us, but we were on a time crunch," she wrote. "I was keen on reporting or calling Parks Canada cause we were afraid that the wolf might get hit my another moving vehicle, but there was no service in the area.”

Some believe the wolf might actually be a dog, though there have been other reports of wolves chasing vehicles in the past. Tom Bartlett, a motorcyclist, had a similar experience in 2013 when a gray wolf emerged from the trees and chased after him on Highway 93 in British Columbia. A Parks Canada official told him it was not normal behavior.

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