A Jeep safari in South Africa went horribly wrong when a gentle-looking giraffe suddenly turned aggressive and charged the jeep. The wild animal continued to try to attack the Jeep full of frightened tourists as they and the driver went into survival mode, prompting one tourist to ask, "Maybe now is the point to radio for help?" Barcroft Media has a report and the dramatic scenes:

It all started when the 2 1/2-ton giraffe saw the Jeep in the distance and started walking toward it, according to AOL Travel.

When the giraffe got closer and started acting up, intimidating the passengers, the driver took off and the giraffe gave chase, ramming the vehicle. At one point, the animal kicked at the driver and knocked the right wing-mirror clean off the Toyota Land Cruiser.

The video footage was captured by cameraman Rainer Schimpf, who told AOL Travel, "There was laughter, then tension, then fear."

Afterward, the group, which also included Silke Ptaszynski of Germany, and Sarene and Mavis Carter of South Africa, was able to laugh about it once safely back at camp.

Apparently, giraffes in the park are known for odd behavior, but this was the first instance of one attacking humans. One theory put forth was that a hormonal imbalance triggered the attack.

Or maybe it was just having a bad day and didn't want company. Whatever the reason, it was definitely a scary moment for those involved.