Golfers are shocked to see a giant alligator roaming Buffalo Creek golf course in Florida.

Golfers are shocked to see a giant alligator roaming Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Florida.

Alligators on golf courses are nothing new in the South, but the one spotted roaming on the third hole of Buffalo Creek golf course in Florida appeared, as one Facebook commenter put it, “like it came out of Jurassic Park.”

The giant alligator discovered wandering the golf course was a monster.

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Amazed at the sight, golfer Charles Helms, 56, pulled out his phone and began filming the alligator as it plodded by his group. His playing partner, David Matos, seen in the video, also began filming.

“It is very common to see alligators on a Florida golf course and they’re typically not a threat to golfers,” Helms told Golf. “Wild alligators are shy and will not bother you unless you provoke it or corner it so it feels threatened.”

It was suggested to Helms that Matos appeared to be getting too close.

“He was at a pretty safe distance,” Helms told Golf. “This alligator was so large he would only move slowly about 100 feet at a time before having to lie down and rest so he probably wasn't in as much danger as it may have appeared. An alligator expert may refute that; I'm just going on what I have been told.”

You can determine that for yourself. Here's a look at the giant alligator from Helms' video via Golf:

The 15- or 16-foot alligator is so big many commenters questioned whether the footage was real or was enhanced in some way.

“I feel sorry for the people who believe that the alligator is real,” one wrote under the video.

But the giant alligator is very much real.

News 3 in Las Vegas reported Monday that the menacing-looking creature has roamed the Palmetto, Florida, golf course for years and apparently is good for business.

“People have heard that he is out here and that is all they want to see so they will bring spectators to ride so somebody can get a picture,” pro shop clerk Wendy Schofield told News 3. “He doesn’t bother anybody and they don’t bother him; he’s like a mascot for the course.

“He has been here for a very, very long time. He’s not new at all. There have been guesses that he’s 15- to 16-feet long.”

Incidentally, the largest alligator ever recorded was reportedly found in Louisiana and it measured 19.2 feet.

Whether it's 15 feet or 19 feet, an alligator that size on a golf course can make for an additional hazard, and a dangerous one at that.

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