Fishermen find angry sea lion in net

An unlucky sea lion is freed; video screen grab

Commercial fisherman aboard a foreign vessel received quite a surprise when they discovered a large and angry sea lion in their net.

In the accompanying footage, which began to circulate on the Internet on Tuesday, one of the fishermen, while trying to open the net to release the sea lion, is grabbed by the sleeve and flung judo-style across the deck.

The fishermen give the sea lion a wide berth after that happens, while trying to figure out what to do, but a dog rushes in and receives a warning nip by the giant mammal.

The sea lion, for whatever reason, is reluctant to leave its new pals and their boat full of fish.

sea lion

After releasing the animal, the fishermen give it a wide berth; video screen grab

Ultimately, however, one of the fishermen grabs a powerful hose and uses it to persuade the animal to the edge of the deck and, presumably, off the boat.

This undoubtedly is not the first time a sea lion has been hauled up in a net.

sea lion and hose

A powerful hose is used to coax sea lion off the boat; video screen grab

Sea lions are voracious predators and they're known to swim into nets full of fish as the nets are being closed, devouring as many fish as possible, and rushing out of the net just before it's too late.

This particular sea lion, which does not look to have missed many meals, must have merely gotten careless.

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