What do you do when you come face to face with a 2,000-pound black rhinoceros that appears intent on charging you and turning you into mincemeat? Filmmaker Kim Wolhuter encountered such a challenge in the Malilangwe Game Reserve in Southern Zimbabwe when he brazenly approached the dangerous animal to get close-up video. Cameraman Julz Braatvedt also faced a challenge: what to do? Watch the tense moments and see how Wolhuter ultimately defuses the standoff:


Black rhinos are known for being extremely aggressive and readily charge at perceived threats. This one clearly viewed Wolhuter as a threat.

At first, it gave a short run and stopped. Then it made a fake charge and stopped, kicking up dust. A little while later, it grunted.

Finally, Wolhuter made a quick, sudden move forward and clapped his hands. The rhino couldn't hightail it away fast enough, perhaps thinking it was a gunshot.

The encounter came as the two were filming for a new Discovery Channel show called "Man, Cheetah, Wild." The show, which premieres October 3, is the true story about how Wolhuter befriends a family of cheetahs.

Obviously, he has a much better relationship with cheetahs than rhinos.