An enraged elephant attempting to chase off safari jeeps so the herd could make its way to a watering hole began pursuing one of the jeeps, panicking the tourists. One woman in particular began screaming hysterically. She was so loud we suspect everyone in the Kaudulla National Park in Sigiriya, Sri Lanka—where this occurred—heard the cries for the driver to "keep going!!!"

elephant chases jeep

Enraged elephant gives chase. Photo is a screen grab from the video

Liz Jacobs shot the video. She told Jukin' Media that there were 20 to 30 safari jeeps in the wild and they were blocking the elephant herd's path and getting too close to the elephants.

"We didn't want to go near them, but the drivers just kept going and did what they're paid to do," Jacobs said.

"We did swing wide to avoid the elephants as we didn't want to interfere with them. But one jeep in particular just got too close and [upset] the elephant.

"The elephant started to charge and the other jeep overtook us leaving us to be chased. Then they stopped so we would be trapped, but I kept yelling at them to keep going.

"We really thought we were gonna die for a moment and then the elephant just backed off. I must have hurt his ears with my screaming!"

The ringing in the ears of her fellow tourists eventually cleared up—reportedly.

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