Dolphin knocks SUP paddler off his board; video screen grab

It's unclear who went on to win the Vintners Surf Classic in Jongensfontein, South Africa, but it's abundantly clear in the accompanying video footage who people on the beach were rooting for.

They were cheering for dolphins, which can rule the lineup whenever they so choose.

The footage shows several dolphins riding and leaping through a wave, quickly approaching a standup paddler trying to make his way over the wave.

The dolphins were on a collision course, and people on the beach sensed what was about to happen.

Sure enough, as one of the dolphins leaped almost directly in front of the SUP paddler, another surfaced directly next to him, and either clipped the side of his board or displaced enough water to knock the paddler off the board.

There were cheers from the beach for what was a very unusual event, in that bottlenose dolphins almost never make contact with surfers.

The SUP paddler must have been humbled, but has quite a story to share.

The footage was captured by Adriaan Oelofse.

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