As she waited for the school bus to arrive with her oldest kids, Bianca Dickinson was taking photos of her 2-year-old daughter at the end of the family's half-mile driveway in Kaniva, Australia, on Wednesday when a deadly creature entered the picture.

"I was looking through my camera lens and was looking at my daughter," Dickinson explained to the Australian Broadcasting Corp. "I saw something move in the corner of my eye and actually thought it was bark coming off the tree; yesterday in Victoria it was quite windy. I then looked up to see where the bark had gone."

Lowering her phone, Dickinson looked closer and suddenly realized the bark was actually a poisonous brown snake moving dangerously close to Molly, who had no idea it was there.

"All my instincts wanted to run and pick her up and scream and run away," Dickinson said. "[But] I stayed still and luckily so did she, and it slithered off."

Once in the car, Imogen, 13, asked her mother, "What happened? Did you see a snake mum?" She then shared the news that she had.

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"When I got home I was telling the older kids how big the snake was as they were in the vicinity too and one of them asked me if I got a pic of it," Dickinson wrote on Instagram. "I didn’t know it at the time, but yes I did!!"

When she checked the photos on her phone, she saw the image of the deadly creature crawling just behind Molly.

“I couldn’t believe it," she told ABC. "I can’t even look at it to be honest, it’s still terrifying.”

The highly venomous brown snake was over 6-feet long. Just hearing about it put a fright into the children, who did not "want to go outside at the moment."

"A timely reminder to keep a good lookout around you," Dickinson wrote on Instagram. "It wasn’t even hot today. This mumma needs a champas or three!"