Cub only looks like it's waving a friendly hello

Cub looks as if it is waving to some Alaskan tourists. Photo by and courtesy of Daniel Dietrich

While floating down a river in Lake Clark National Park in Alaska, photographer Daniel Dietrich and his guided group stopped to watch as a momma brown bear fished for salmon while her two cubs frolicked on the beach.

The momma bear was diving into the river to catch salmon, which was quite a sight in itself since the guide told him they have never known any other brown bear to dive for food. But for a moment, Dietrich decided to focus on a cub on the shore.

"During one of mom's dives, I was shooting this cub on the shore when she stood up and threw her paws up over her head and began rubbing her face," Dietrich told GrindTV in an email. "It was adorable. The image…was a capture which gave the impression she was giving us a wave hello."

Dietrich recently posted his image on EarthPix in Instagram and it blew up with interest, garnering more than 127,000 likes.

And it is easy to see why.

It's the same reason so many people liked the image of the grizzly bear looking as if it were about to take a photo.

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