The traditional method for catching a dogfish shark is with rod and reel, a stinky bait and heavy leader to prevent its teeth from biting through the line, this according to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

It is also the legal method.

But a college student decided to forego tradition and legality by using nothing more than his bare hands, and the result was remarkably successful.

Alex Winn, a student from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, posted video of his amazing (albeit illegal) catch on Instagram (warning for a couple expletives):

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Winn was on a dock with a group of friends in Oyster Plant Park on Liberty Bay (known by some as Dogfish Bay) in Poulsbo, Washington, when he spotted the dogfish shark, aka a spiny dogfish or mud shark.

It was swimming near the surface, so Winn jumped in and snatched it up, much to the amazement of his friends and commenters on Instagram where he was called "a legend" by one, according to International Business Times.

Dogfish sharks are common in Puget Sound, and are said to make good fish and chips. Photo: Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Dogfish sharks are typically 2 to 4-feet long and make good fish and chips, despite some believing the shark is a trash fish, according to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

But Winn didn't keep it for fish and chips.

"I let it go right after the vid and made sure he swam off," Winn wrote on Instagram.

Even so, Winn's catch was illegal, according to the fishing regulations in Washington which state "It is unlawful for any person to take, fish for, or possess fish taken for personal use by any means other than angling with a line attached to a pole held in hand while landing the fish or with a hand-operated line without rod or reel."

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