It’s that time again–it’s time to focus your peepers to find the critters hiding in plain sight. Animals big and small, feathered and slimy, are waiting below hoping to be overlooked. Whether they happen to blend into the background, or have a special talent to make their exterior match the exterior, these creatures have many, varied ways to get lost. Can you find them?

This lizard finds it easy being green–and useful for staying out of sight. Image by Sanderslelli

Black and white stripes blend nicely at Kruger National Park, South Africa. Image by Stephen Downes

This Great Grey Owl would be very easy to overlook, which he’d like very much.
Image by
Wild for Wildlife and Nature

This image is equal parts branch and gecko. Can you tell which is which? Image by WikiCommons

The ptarmigan isn’t too hard to spot, but can you find her five chicks? Image by Paxson Woelber

Can you spot the falcon above? It looks like he’s spotted you. Image by Wenchmagnet

This hip-pocket frog is slippery in more ways than one. Image by WikiCommons

One of these palm fronds is actually a lizard. Can you tell which one? Image by Steven N. Maher

These tawny frogmouths in Australia do a mean tree bark impression. Image by WikiCommons