In what might be considered the perfect metaphor of the battle going on in Washington, two huge bull elk are shown in the video below locking antlers in a fight for dominance that neither seems to be winning.

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Jeremiah Moseley captured the incredible once-in-a-lifetime encounter while hunting for deer near Strawberry Reservoir in Utah. At the 47-second mark, you'll see how Moseley has to scamper away to avoid getting run over.

Otherwise you hear the loud clacking of antlers and see the back-and-forth pushing that leads nowhere, offering an eerie similarity to Congress these days.

"Which one is the Democrat, and which one is the Republican?" one commenter quipped on the YouTube post.

As with Washington politics, it gets old after a while, so to see how it ends, jump forward to the 2:25 mark. Please excuse the minor expletive Moseley lets out after witnessing something he'll probably never see again:

Most the commenters on the YouTube post recognized how fortunate Moseley was to see such wildlife in action:

"Once-in-a-lifetime shot. As a hunter, this is awesome to watch."

"I love that noise of their antlers locking together. This is a brilliant video!"

"Incredible. You are a very lucky man."

"Great video. It takes a lot of time in the woods to come across something as great as that. Thanks for sharing. Gets the heart pumping!!!!"

Surely Moseley's heart was pounding. Of course, the story would have been different had he been hunting for elk.

"Needless to say, if I would have had an elk tag, I would have had my hands full for sure," Moseley posted Thursday. "Such a great experience."

Even for everybody watching the video, it was great … no matter what their party affiliation.