A bull elk in Montana gave a motorcycling couple a bit of a fright when it got too close and started chasing them down Highway 200. Heather Leigh and her boyfriend, Glen, were pulled off to the side of the road watching the animal when it started to walk toward them. It got closer and closer, prompting evasive action. Watch the encounter (warning for a minor expletive):

Leigh explained on her YouTube post how the fall rut confrontation began, saying they were returning to Missoula from Ovando when they noticed a stopped truck and the elk.

"We stopped behind the truck and saw a bull elk approach the truck," she said. "The person in the truck must have had some food because the elk jumped up on his hind legs and peered into the driver's window.

"Then the elk jumped down and started to approach us … I was surprised that the elk came so close to us and I could feel a great deal of tension between us and the animal. I am willing to bet that if Glen hadn’t hit the throttle when he had, that elk would have jumped up on us."

Glen didn't give the animal a chance, as he started down the highway with the elk giving chase.

Eventually, Glen raced down the highway to put distance between them and the chasing elk.

"I didn’t want the animal to chase us on the road and put it in any danger so losing it seemed appropriate," she said. "I had enough excitement for one day!"