A Southern California child has a remarkable tale to share with his friends, involving a tiny snail that hatched inside his knee and lived there for perhaps a couple of weeks until his mother coaxed the critter free.

Paul Franklin, 4, cut his knee last month while on a family camping trip at the beach. Little did anyone know that a sea snail egg had somehow become lodged inside the wound.

His father, Ken, explained in the CBS news report: “Like parents, concerned, we just cleaned it up [and] put a Band-Aid on it. And before you know it, couple of weeks later, his knee was very swollen and somewhat infected.”

Paul began to limp and, his mother Rachael said, his knee had become warm to the touch. They were afraid of staph infection so Paul was rushed to an Urgent Care facility, where he was given antibiotics.

They helped, but then the wound area had developed a black spot.

snailFinally, in an attempt to drain the wound, Rachael squeezed and out popped a minuscule sea snail.

Recalling the experience to the Orange County Register, Rachel said of her bizarre discovery: “He moved! There’s a freakin’ little guy in there! Bubbles were coming up.”

Paul’s knee began to heal almost instantly. A mystifying three-week ordeal had come to a happy ending.

Paul, who described the experience as “kind of crazy,” has named his souvenir “Turbo.”

-Hat tip to the Huffington Post