Generic white-tailed deer. Photo: Courtesy of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

A 10-year-old boy hunting for the first time managed a rare but accidental feat by killing two deer with one bullet.

Kyler Verbeten was hunting with his dad last week near Green Bay, Wisconsin, and had been watching squirrels in the trees when two deer appeared in the forest.

"I said, 'Shoot the big doe,' because there was a smaller one," Matt Verbeten, Kyle's dad, told WBAY.com. "He had the gun and I'm kind of laughing, we'll see how he does, he's 10…."

From the camouflaged hunting stand, Kyler squeezed the trigger and missed. But his second shot passed through both deer, which fell to the ground.

"They just fell right over," Matt Verbeten said.

Said Kyler: "I was so excited I almost jumped out of the stand. I just ran down the ladder and ran out to look at them."

Kyler's dad used his deer tag for the second deer.

The boy was asked if he'd try for three deer with a single shot next year, and replied: "Probably … maybe. I don't know. Probably not."

The story is still being discussed the WBAY Facebook page, with many touching on hunter safety.

Reads one of the most recent comments:

"As great as this story sounds, there is a lesson to be learned from it. 2 deer with one shot is impressive when it’s intentional, but certainly not advisable. One of the basic rules of hunter safety is to be sure of your target AND WHAT LIES BEYOND IT. There is a high risk of just wounding the second deer.

"Not to mention, had the father, in this case, not had a doe tag himself, the second deer could easily have been wasted. I applaud this father for introducing his son to the sport at a young age, but hunting is a never ending learning experience.

“That’s not to say these two hunters didn’t already have this discussion and take a valuable lesson into a lifelong love of the hunt. If this is not the case, I hope it soon will be. Good shot young man, good opportunity, dad."

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