Bobcat tries to drag shark onto beach; photo by John Bailey

Shark fishing from shore in Florida is a popular pastime, but few people would expect to see a bobcat getting in on the action.

But John Bailey witnessed just that, and even managed to capture an image showing the wildcat dragging a fairly large shark up the beach at Sebastian Inlet, before the bobcat became spooked and ran off without its prize.

This occurred Monday evening as Bailey was walking along the beach. The bobcat, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, "leaped into the water atop the shark and dragged it ashore!"

The FWC added that the shark might be an adult Atlantic sharp nose shark, and noted that "there are no shark-fishing regulations for bobcats. Just people."

It was a rare sighting, to be sure, given the reclusive nature of bobcats. However, they have been known to roam Florida beaches, and are opportunistic feeders.

But in this case the shark, thanks to the spooking of the bobcat, was said to have escaped back into the sea.

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